The research presented in this report aims at strengthening public and political support for ensuring Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) and formulating recommendations for policy coherence.

The report includes 4 case studies from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to illustrate the (in)coherence between development cooperation and non-development policy areas:

This report is part of the project “World-Wise Europe: A more coherent Europe for a fairer world”, which aims to strengthen public and political support for ensuring Policy Coherence for Development (PCD). The report includes case studies from Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to illustrate the coherence between development cooperation and non-development policy areas.

The independent report „Polish Development Cooperation” is an annual publication of Zagranica Group’s Working Group on Development Policy. The first report was published in 2006 and since then there has been an edition each year, complementing the annual publications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). In 2011 report, for the first time Zagranica Group has tried to focus mostly on the qualitative analysis of actions of the Polish administration responsible for development cooperation, moving away from the previous formula where the main focus was on analysis of statistical data. The report is based on answers to Zagranica Group’s inquiries received from the MFA, as well as other ministries and institutions. Read the summary!

Each year, the Polish AidWatch Working Group working by Zagranica Group, produces an annual report looking at the performance of Polish government on targets for aid quantity and quality. The objective of the Polish AidWatch WG is to analyze and comment on Polish development cooperation policy and implementation by the relevant authorities. Presented Aid Watch Report 2010 is the fifth report, which is complementary to materials published each year by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

What are the results of Busan? How we – both as donors and executer of aid projects – can create mechanism to verify quality of our activity in partner countries? Answers in the policy brief.

In the frame of Presidency Project, Zagranica Group began publishing a series of 5 policy briefs „ODA – Opinions, Discussions, Analysis”. Thanks to them Polish NGDOs, as well as administration and decisions-makers, had an opportunity to get familiar with the most recent development cooperation issues.