Grupa Zagranica protests against the form of "public consultations"

The Polish platform of NGOs in development cooperation expresses their resolute protest against the form in which the consultations for the new 'Programme of Cooperation with NGOs ...' by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place.

Among others, contrary to the principles described by the Foreign Ministry itself, the information concerning the ongoing consultation was published only on one specific website - with the link named 'car_selling' - and on an information board within the ministerial building. It was also not mentioned during relevant meetings involving several of the NGO.

In short, contrary to both existing principles of consultation and good practices of the past years, NGOs in the platform were not informed about the ongoing consultations of the programme, and the programme was finally adopted by the Ministry after no comments had been made.

Ironically, the Ministry claims the programme has been adapted according to a 'catalogue of good practices of cooperation with stakeholders' - which the organizations claim the Ministry did not comply with 'in any way'.

The platform urges the Ministry to renew the consultation process, so that interested parties can express their voice. You'll find the open letter in the link below (in Polish). 

List otwrarty Grupy Zagranica (pdf)