TRIALOG Policy Digests - development policy topics

The TRIALOG Policy Digests provided insight to currently discussed development policy topics. They provided information about recent policy processes and suggestions how to get engaged in the discussions and actions around the topics. The Policy Digests were written by drafting teams made up of TRIALOG partners (national platfrms from "new members states" of European Union).

Eastern Partnership and Development Cooperation. Civil society as a driving force in addressing challenges in the region and building regional cooperation. >>> 

Policy Coherence for Development. A Powerful Instrument for Long-term Impact on Sustainable Development. >>>

Private Sector in Development. How can CSOs and Private Sector work together towards Development? >>>

Post-2015 Development Framework. A new Global Development Framework after the Millenium Development Goals >>>

Climate Change and Development. How are climate change and development cooperation interlinked? What risks are the world’s poorest countries facing due to climate change? >>>

European Neighbourhood Policy Review. What is the current European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) about? What are the main elements of the ENP under review? How are CSOs engaged in the ENP review? >>>

Financing for Development Matters: Stepping Stones for SDGs. Which are the most crucial policy discussions that are happening around financing for sustainable development? What kind of public and private finances will support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? >>>

Food Security. Get an overview on the different terms related to food security. Which EU policies have the biggest effects on food security? How are CSOs active in this field? >>>

Migration and Development. How are migration and development connected? How is the topic addressed at EU and global level and what are civil society organisations bringing to the migration and development debate? >>>

Development Effectiveness & the Role of CSOs. How CSOs shape the development effectiveness agenda and act as watchdogs and implementors of development effectiveness principles​. >>>


Project "TRIALOG V: Strengthening CSOs in EU12/AC for active engagement in Global Development​" took place in the period 1.10.2012 - 30.09.2015 and was financed from the sources of European Comission.