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Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided not to include spending on refugees in Poland in the Official Development Aid reported for 2013. For years this has been an advocacy objective of Grupa Zagranica, the Polish NGDO platform.


The ‘Europe We Want’ is a politically independent campaign that encourages a debate on achieving a fairer Europe at home and abroad at the upcoming European Parliament elections on 22-25 May 2014.


Polish ODA statistics show a lack of connection between the priority countries and the largest recipients of Polish ODA, which include China - the largest individual country-recipient. China received over 40% of Polish bilateral development assistance in the form of preferential loans. Moreover, the Polish aid statistics - as in other European countries - are to a certain extent "inflated", which means they include funds, which in fact never reach developing countries.


Non-governmental organisations involved in international cooperation hereby express their solidarity with Ukrainian society, and appeal to the Polish authorities to react to the restriction of fundamental civil liberties in Ukraine.

Statement is available in English and Ukrainian.


We failed to create an effective program of Polish bilateral development aid with the objectives and results, adapted to the needs of our priority countries and harmonized with actions of other donors. There is an urgent need to elaborate realistic plans that will significantly increase both the volume and quality of Polish development aid over the next five years - stated Grupa Zagranica in the published report "Polish Development Cooperation 2012".