About us

Grupa Zagranica is a platform of Polish non-governmental organizations involved in international development cooperation, democracy support, humanitarian aid and global education. The current list of members can be found in the members section.

The overall objective of Grupa Zagranica is to build efficient and competent CSOs sector in Poland, which effectively supports the development of less affluent countries, is stable institutionally and financially, is recognized and considered an important element of Polish foreign and social policy, and the employees of which are highly motivated, continually develop as professionals and function in satisfactory social conditions.

Therefore, Grupa Zagranica works towards better involvement of Polish NGOs in international development, democracy support, humanitarian aid and global development, acting as an advocate of the sector’s interests towards external partners, building competence of NGOs in development cooperation, as well as promoting internal cooperation within the sector to increase its effectiveness.

Grupa Zagranica is a member of CONCORD - European NGO confederation for Relief and Development that represents the interests of over 1800 development organizations across Europe, leading civil dialogue with the European institutions.

Key principles and financing

Grupa Zagranica is comprised of independent non-governmental organizations, willing to cooperate for the achievement of common goals, while also conducting their own operations. Therefore, Grupa Zagranica works in those areas, where cooperation of organizations or developing common positions is necessary to promote essential systemic changes and achieve objectives important from the point of view of member organizations and the sector.

While Grupa Zagranica is a membership based organization, its objective is to influence the development and enabling environment for all of the Polish CSOs sector. The value of membership is in the supplementary services and products that the members receive.

Grupa Zagranica activities are funded from members' fees and grants received for the implementation of projects consistent with the statutory goals.

The core activities of Grupa Zagranica:

  • Representing joint interests of non-governmental organizations toward external partners, such as Polish and European public administration.
  • Advocating on issues related to international development and humanitarian assistance on the national and international level.
  • Review and scrutiny of official documents related to development and humanitarian assistance, conducting surveys and expert activities.
  • Supporting exchange of information, experiences and cooperation among member organizations.
  • Facilitation of networking between polish non-governmental organizations and their potential partners abroad.
  • Assisting in capacity building and knowledge sharing for Polish non-governmental organizations, especially member organizations.
  • Organizing professional workshops, conferences and seminars for member organizations and the public.
  • Engaging the Polish media into the topic of development cooperation, policy coherence for development and global challenges.
  • Activities to promote global education in Poland and raise public awareness about development assistance and global interconnectedness.
  • Providing and sharing information about current trends in development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.

For more information please contact us at: grupa[@]zagranica.org.pl.